About skin care questions and answers

1. Is it the first to apply eye cream or the first to apply the essence?

Generally, the essence is applied first, because the steps of the eye cream are more flexible, and any step after the lotion is good, but it is recommended to use it in front of the essence, because if the other essence or lotion is accidentally brought to the eye area, the skin around the eye is so thin. The absorption of nutrients is limited. When you rub the eye cream at that time, it will not be absorbed completely, so it will have no effect.

2. Is the mask suitable for daily application?

There is no problem with the general hydrating mask every day. Many babies say that the mask is not suitable for daily application, and the skin is over-nutrition, and it can not be absorbed. However, Mumu wants to say that the general hydrating mask is really not applied. There will be overnutrition problems and it will leave your skin hydrated.

3. Is it first coated or sunscreen first?

The correct thing is to isolate the sunscreen first. Isolation is to isolate the direct damage of the makeup dust to the skin. There are generally two kinds of sayings: one sunscreen is chemical sunscreen, so it should be behind the isolation. Second, the sunscreen greatly reduces the sunscreen effect in front of the isolation. But now science is advancing, there are a lot of sunscreen products with isolation effect, and then with the sunscreen effect, mainly depends on the difference of each brand.

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