Dermatologist teaches you how to easily deal with dry autumn skin

Entering the late autumn, although the scenery is beautiful and the climate is pleasant, the dryness will follow. If you are not careful, your skin will be recruited. Sensitive, peeling and dry lines will follow. These are the signs of water shortage in the skin. Therefore, autumn hydration is the key.

When it comes to hydrating, some of our daily methods are like spraying moisturizing spray, making hydrating mask, etc., although it can alleviate the dry discomfort of the skin, but this hydrating is very superficial, the effect is temporary, so apply moisturizing cream after hydrating The steps to lock the moisture must not be less. In addition to daily hydration, there is a deeper way of hydrating, that is, the beauty of the hydration, the following professional dermatologist to talk to you about the beauty and hydration.

Dermatologist teaches you how to easily deal with dry autumn skin
Q: What are the treatments for hydrating in medical beauty?

Doctor: There are two types of medicines, such as needle water and water needle. The former is non-invasive and is more suitable for people who are new to the medical beauty project. The latter is minimally invasive and will be more direct and efficient.

Q: Can we talk more about this more direct and efficient water light needle?

Doctor: Well, the water-light needle mainly uses the moisturizing properties of hyaluronic acid, and uses it as a matrix, combined with other nutrients, through vacuum negative pressure technology, breaking through the epidermal barrier, directly injecting these “skin nourishments” into the dermis layer. Deep hydration of the skin and improve the environment inside the skin.

Q: Why can Shuiguang needle treatment achieve these effects?

Doctor: With the increase of age, the water content of the skin drops rapidly, which is easy to cause problems such as dullness, dryness, hemorrhoids, oil, and large pores. Especially after the age of 35, the reticular fibers are reduced, the elasticity is reduced, the dermis layer is thinner, the skin is getting rougher, and the wrinkles, pigmentation, sagging and so on are all coming up. The treatment of the water-light needle is to help. The skin quickly replenishes the lost water, allowing water to reach the three-dimensional hydration and water retention from the dermis layer of the skin to the epidermis, while stimulating collagen proliferation, strengthening skin resistance, increasing skin elasticity and thickness, and delaying skin aging.

Dermatologist teaches you how to easily deal with dry autumn skin
Q: How long can I maintain the water-light needle treatment?

Doctor: Hyaluronic acid is absorbed in the human body, so it cannot be judged by a single treatment. The water-light needle is more inclined to "maintenance" rather than "correction" for the problem. A single injection is often "nothing". Feeling, but long-term regular injection of water-light needles, the skin will be able to maintain a moist and elastic state for a long time, not easy to dry and old. After all, skin care is a long-term process.

Q: If I stop after only one or two treatments, will the skin be worse than before?

Doctor: The main component of the water-light needle is to provide nutrients such as hyaluronic acid to the skin, which is to supplement the skin with water and increase nutrition. Therefore, each treatment is once maintained and improved for the skin. Although the nutrients that are added to the body will eventually be metabolized and depleted over time after treatment is stopped, it is definitely more profitable than the skin that has not been used as a water-light needle, rather than worse.

Q: Since the effect of the water-light needle is so good, I have to play several times, frequently, is it possible to make the skin reach the ideal state faster?

Doctor: Of course, this is not the case, because our skin has limited capacity and needs metabolism. Excessive injection is not only harmful to the absorption of drugs or nutrients, but also may affect local blood circulation. Therefore, we must follow the doctor's advice and treatment. Generally speaking, the better water-light needle solution is to do it once every three months for the first time, so that the skin can reach a relatively good basic state, and then it can be maintained once every three months or even half a year according to the skin condition.

Dermatologist teaches you how to easily deal with dry autumn skin
After listening to the doctor's introduction, do you have more understanding of skin hydration? Of course, if you are very excited about the water-light needle, you must pay attention to it: you must go to a regular medical institution and follow the doctor's plan to treat it. After all, medical beauty is still a medical act and is responsible for your own skin.

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