For laser tattooing you need to understand the problem!

With the development of current technology, tattoo technology is constantly improving, some old tattoos, ugly and outdated, or blindly regretted, and then choose to wash the tattoo.

Modern methods for removing tattoos include skin grafting, acid etching, and laser. The skin grafting method is more invasive and expensive on the skin. Although the acid etching method is inexpensive, the skin is not effective and often forms an unsightly scar.

The laser provides an ideal method for removing tattoos. The laser can instantly break down and break down pigment particles. The crushed pigment debris can be excreted by depurination or by cell phagocytosis and lymphatic circulation. The role of the laser is highly selective, and it does not cause damage to the surrounding normal skin. There is no obvious side effect after surgery, and no scar is left. Generally, the tattoo can be removed after about 3-5 times of laser treatment.

The general traditional tattoo and black ink can be completely removed, but due to the limited development of international laser technology, it is not particularly ideal for color tattooing.

Precautions for washing tattoos: There will be a reverse color after tattooing. Due to differences in body color and pigmentation, the reverse color will appear in a few minutes to a few hours. This is normal. During the post-stroke repair process, the color will become lighter and disappear until it disappears.

During the treatment of tattooing, affected by individuals and pigments, some may appear broken and bleeding, or blisters, which are normal, but for the skin is not easy to heal and diabetics should pay special attention to medication, can not be infected, if necessary Can go to the hospital for treatment.

Some tattoos have already formed scars under the skin, so people with scars should explain their condition before treatment. Such guests are generally advised not to wash. If you must wash, be mentally prepared. After removing the pigment, the scar formed when the tattoo was first seen can be seen.

After washing the tattoo, you should pay attention to sun protection. After many treatments, the beauty seeker may leave a pigmentation mark. The optimal frequency for each treatment interval is 1-2 months. After washing the tattoo, it usually takes half a year to one year. Completely fixed.

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