How can I quickly master the trick of tattoo secant?

First understand the tattoo needle, our commonly used tattoo round needle has 3 needles, 5 needles, 7 needles, 9 needles, etc., when the secant is rounded, it is best to have a shrinkage treatment. Needles that have not been subjected to ablation are prone to bifurcation when secant, and the cut lines are not round enough, so we must pay attention when buying tattoo needles. Here I will introduce you to the experience I have summarized in the secant for your reference.

The needle is too long and easy to hook up
When secant, we adjust the length of the needle to about 1.5-2 mm. The length of the needle should be moderate. It should not be too long or too short. The needle is too long. It is easy to take the needle and the meat is easy to jump. The needle is too short. The secant will not be true.

We need to apply Vaseline on the skin before secant to increase the sense of lubrication, so that the needle will be smoother when moving the needle. The strength of the secant is also very important. To master it, the strength of the general secant machine is less than that of the fog machine. It is larger than the fog machine, so that the lines when secant will be smoother and rounder.

When using a large model secant needle, it is necessary to master the strength, because the force is too large to cause skin damage and hyperplasia. If the graphic line is very thick, you can cut the double line and fill the middle.

The commonly used secant method is to use a buried needle.
This method is to use the needle to fit the skin, and to transport the needle at a constant speed. The speed of the needle is too slow and the line is easy to faint or appear spots. If it is too fast, the line will be unclear or intermittent. This method needs to be practiced repeatedly. Because it is not easy to see the tip of the needle during the secant process, sometimes the position of the line cannot be accurately grasped, so it is necessary to practice the usual sense of the needle.

Sew line with clear water
When secant, you can choose different colors according to the different graphics. If you don't need slash color, you can use slash to clear the line. For example, the picture is mainly light and dark. You don't need to show lines, but you need to have contour positioning. Cut the line with clear water, so you can see the contour line of the outline during the drawing process, and you can't see the line after the tattoo is restored. The tattoo artist called this a waterline.

Suspension needle cutting method
Suspension needle refers to the needle tip away from the skin. This method is generally used to deal with local details, because this method is easy to see the position of the needle tip, and the accuracy is high, but it is not suitable for long line secant, because it is not better. Master uniform needle length and speed.
Sometimes we will use the pin header to secant the line. This method will make a very smooth arc, and it can also make the effect of the thickness gradient. The secant with the pin is the sharp corner of the needle. Going out of the needle.

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