How can we protect the skin?

I have heard such a sentence: "The most expensive clothes in the world are skin", I think it is very reasonable. Since skin is so important, how can we protect it? Today, I is here to explain the skin care steps in detail.

First, morning skin care


All skin care products are based on a clean face. Therefore, Xiao Bian should be specially mentioned here. Many people think that it is not correct to wash their faces with water in the morning.

During our sleep at night, the skin itself will metabolize and secrete oil, and the dust, mites and other pollutants that are licked can easily accumulate on the face. It is impossible to clean the dirt with only clear water, and the dirt will collect. It is easy to clog pores and cause skin problems such as blackheads and acne, so we need to use a mild amino acid facial cleanser to cleanse the face in the morning.

2. Lotion

The lotion has a certain degree of cleansing and locks in the skin's moderate moisture, which can help the subsequent skin care products penetrate the skin effectively. How to use: Wipe it with a cotton pad or gently tap it on your face and apply it to your face.

3. Muscle floor fluid

The muscle bottom liquid is equivalent to the skin care base, and has the function of repairing and introducing. It can improve the skin absorption problem and promote the skin to absorb the subsequent nutrition.

4. Eye cream

The skin of the human eye is the weakest, and it is prone to crow's feet, which is old. Therefore, eye cream is an important step in skin care. It can not only reduce dark circles, eye bags, edema, but also improve eye wrinkles and fine lines. How to use: You can use the method of spotting and tapping to promote blood circulation, so as to achieve good absorption.

5. The essence

When you hear the name "Essence", you should be able to imagine how important it is. The essence is mainly moisturizing, anti-aging, whitening and other effects, according to individual needs, choose the product that suits you. It is best to use a combination of massage techniques to promote skin absorption.

6. Emulsion

The lotion is mainly used for moisturizing, moisturizing and hydrating. How to use it: Take appropriate amount and apply the face from the inside out with the strength of the fingertips.

7. Cream

In skin care, the nutrition of the face is mainly given by the essence and the cream, and both can not be less. The cream mainly has the effect of improving the skin texture and even skin tone. Different types of creams such as moisturizing cream, whitening cream and anti-aging cream can be selected according to individual needs.

8. Sun protection

The main role of sunscreen is to protect your skin from UV rays. Remember that it's not just summer, you need to apply sunscreen all year round.


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