How deep should the tattoo needle be?

Now most tattoo artists, the depth of the tattoo needle is generally controlled at 1.5MM to 3.0MM, and the needle for tattooing will be shorter.

Buried needles are suitable for traditional secant lines. European and American tattoos are generally used with water lines. When the traditional tattoo machine is fogging, the depth of the tattoo needle is controlled at 1.5MM and 3.5MM. The tangential tattoo needle is very thin and the resistance is small, so the secant needle should not be too deep. For the beginners of the tattoo, it is better to use the hanging needle cutting method.

Hanging needle secant is the tattoo needle adjusted to the needle about 3MM, but only 1.5MM and 1.5MM stuck in the skin outside the needle mouth, so that beginners can clearly see where the tattoo needle and line are cut. It is.

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