How long can the laser freckle apply mask?

The mask can be applied after one week. Laser depigmentation treatment time is relatively short, up to ten minutes or so. At the end of each treatment, the skin is given a metabolic process. For this reason, the interval between laser depigmentation treatment is mostly 3 months.

Depending on the size, number and depth of pigmentation and vascular lesions, some treatments can achieve the desired effect once or twice, usually 4 to 6 times to completely solve the problem. Pigment spots are generally pigmentation precipitates formed by the day after tomorrow. Laser depigmentation can help pigmentation spots to complete the spotting dream, and laser depigmentation has been very safe and effective after long-term practice. The principle of laser depigmentation is because different types of lasers produce different colors of light, and a specific wavelength of laser light is only absorbed by the pigment of the corresponding color.

Therefore, the shaping mechanism uses a laser to generate a beam of high intensity to cause the pigment to subside, so as to remove the pigmentation. Moreover, only the diseased cells absorb a specific laser, and normal skin tissue is not damaged, so the laser depigmentation will not leave scars. During the operation, the subject will have the same feeling of acupuncture and does not need to use anesthetic drugs.

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