How to fix the stratum corneum when it is too thin?

1, anti-allergic skin care products

When the skin is in sensitive muscles, after cleansing, you can use Shumin anti-inflammatory skin care products. It is best to avoid makeup during this period.

2, moisturizing

The stratum corneum is thin, the secretion of oil will also decrease, the muscle resistance is insufficient, and the daily moisturizing of the skin is strengthened. Sticking on it can enhance the skin's resistance and help the thin cuticle skin to get rid of allergic symptoms.

3, massage repair

Massage can promote the blood circulation of the skin, effectively improve the speed of skin metabolism, avoid the keratin accumulation caused by too slow, use mild essential oils during massage, and gently move the cells at the bottom of the skin to promote the stratum corneum. Repair.

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