How to properly skin care? Seven steps to teach you the right skin care

Skin care is very important for girls, but if every step of skin care goes wrong, it will only lead to poor skin. How to correct skin care, teach you the right skin care seven steps, beautiful skin is yours. Beautiful skin care girls have already collected a small series of texts, what are you waiting for?

1, remover
This is the focus, focus, and focus. Girls like to go out with makeup, but when they get off the makeup, they always have problems with big or small. Many girls will have no patience. When removing makeup, they may not be able to clean their eye makeup. Even some people will go to bed after the makeup remover. In this way, the skin can not be better. Therefore, the makeup should be exquisite, and the makeup remover should be delicate and careful.

2, cleansing
Wash your face after removing makeup, wash your face before getting up in the morning and going to bed at night. The plot of the face is an important part of the skin care process. If the face is not clean, the skin will slowly become dry and rough, which will cause the pores to become larger. Especially for oily skin, facial cleansing is especially important. Don't lick when you wash your face, but massage gently.

3, toner
When the face is cleaned, it is the toner applied. Who can clean the keratin? When using the toner, we should first apply the toner with a cotton pad and then gently apply it along the skin texture. This will ensure the cleansing of the skin while moisturizing and moisturizing the skin. Clean facial cleanser. Use the clean hand directly in the second pass, and press it to absorb it.

4, eye care
The area around the eyes is a very important place. Improper care will only make you have eyelids earlier. First of all, you need to prepare eye-specific eye products such as eye creams and eye essences. Don't ignore the small area of ​​the eye. If you don't care well, it will look old. Many people will ignore the skin care of the eyes, which is obviously not correct.

5, facial essence
You can use facial skin after the toner, usually we choose a serum, too much will only make your skin can not afford, it will lead to many side effects. Most, only two can be used. Essence generally we choose a product that can moisturize and whiten, first moisturize and whiten.

6, cream
The composition of the essence is high, but some of the effects of the cream are not available. Therefore, after using the essence, you need to use a cream to achieve skin care. If it is oily skin, change to an emulsion.

7, sunscreen
Sun protection is essential whether it is winter or summer. In order to have a white face, don't forget to sunscreen when you go out.

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