How to remove the fastest way to remove the eye bags? The swollen eyes not only make people feel lifeless, but also affect the whole person's look. The MM of the big eye bag has the exquisite facial features, and can't modify the "glamour" of the goldfish eye! Next, we will introduce the method of eliminating the eye bags and the effect of the eye cream to the eye bags.

The fastest way to get to the eye bags: hot and cold eyes

Hot water application can promote blood circulation and prevent eye bags, so it should be used before going to bed. The cold water can be used in the morning to make the eye bags smaller. Brine is recommended for cold applications, while hot compresses suggest the use of olive oil.

The fastest way to go to the eye bags: often do eye exercises

There are many acupuncture points around the eyes. Do more eye exercises can promote blood circulation, make the blood cells around the eyes more active, and help to promote the shrinkage of the bags. At the same time, pay attention to drink plenty of water and promote metabolism in the body.

The fastest way to go to the eye bags: eye protection before going to bed

Before going to bed, you can stick the cucumber under your eyes and apply it for 20 minutes to achieve moisturizing and soothing skin. As long as you stick to it for two months, you can receive the cosmetic effect of reducing the lower eye bags. At the same time, use vitamin E to apply the eye. Week is also ok!

The fastest way to get to the eye bags: eye care

Prepare a hydrating eye cream to increase the elasticity and moisture of the eye area. The skin of the eye is most likely to be exposed to age and maintenance, but with age, the skin of the eye is more or less problematic. The skin of the eye is the thinnest, and the distribution of sebaceous glands is also rarer than other parts of the face. Therefore, the skin around the eyes lacking oil and moisture is often prone to eye bags and fine lines.