How to remove freckles on the face, how to remove natural methods

1. Peach to freckles: Draw 4-5 dried peaches into fine powder, then remove the same amount of winter melon seeds, grind them into powder, add honey and mix thoroughly to a paste, apply before going to sleep, get up early in the morning. Wash it off. This mask can qi and activating blood to remove freckles on the face.
2, white sandalwood freckle: the right amount of white sandalwood smashed into juice, mixed into millet water (millet cooked, soaked in ice water for 5-6 days, until the white foam is won, filter can be), used every night Wipe the face with warm water and wash it. Apply the white sandalwood juice to the freckles and wash or wipe it off the next day.
3, bitter gourd freckle: first wash the bitter gourd, then put it in the refrigerator for half an hour, remove the internal bitter gourd seeds after removal, cut into pieces and put it into the juicer to make mud, evenly spread on the face after cleansing, wait 30 minutes After that, it is washed with water, once every 2-3 days. If the remaining bitter gourd is wasted, you can drink it.
Freckles, usually 16 years old, are thought to be caused by genetic factors and increase with age. Skin damage is also one of the factors that cause freckles. After exposure to sun exposure, melanocytes can quickly produce melanin particles and deposit on the skin to form freckles.

Adjust your lifestyle: quit bad habits such as smoking, drinking, staying up late. Avoid irritating foods: Irritating foods tend to age the skin and increase freckles, especially coffee, cola, tea, cigarettes, and wine.
Prevent all kinds of ionizing radiation: including various glass-shell displays, various fluorescent lamps, X-ray machines, ultraviolet illuminators, etc., which are even larger than the damage caused by sunlight, resulting in aggravation of stains.
Freckles should eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C, pay attention to moisturizing the skin, avoiding light and sun in summer. You can also use traditional Chinese medicine Yurong San to eat Sanbai Deco. The freckles are scattered on the face and other dark brown spots. Commonly known as the freckles.
At present, only two methods of freezing and Q-switching laser can be used to remove freckles. Usually, you should eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C regularly to the beauty salon for freckle treatment, and you should have a regular sleep early in life.
The laser is "destructive" to the stained tissue, and once the stain is removed, the stain will no longer resurrect. However, the production of many pigment spots is caused by acquired factors. If laser skin freckle is not good for skin protection work, it will lead to new stains. Of course, this is not a rebound phenomenon of laser freckle. Because this stain is brand new, it doesn't have much to do with the previous stain organization.

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