How to remove freckles on the face is most effective

The fastest and most effective and simple method, water and white vinegar according to the ratio of 9:3 to wash the face, wash every day, one week effect. Especially the skin is easy to be allergic, the girl with thin cuticles, as well as tanning, naturally black can Can change the skin quality, the effect is particularly good, I have been using it all the time, just external, you can also drink barley powder with boiling water, this thing is super good for the body and skin, soaked lemon slices are also very good, but If I solve it fundamentally, I still sleep on time.

 I am basically a nightlife, but the skin is still very good. Although it is a fast 30 person, I am a little petite, but others say that I am a teenager, but to a large extent. It is because it has not been spotted to use this skin care, it just took me a lot of time.

In addition, you should eat more fruits and vegetables containing vitamin C regularly to the beauty salon to do freckle care, life should have regular sleep early and get up early. Eat more green vegetables such as carrots, green vegetables and so on. Eat more fruits with more moisture: oranges, watermelons, peaches, etc.

First of all, to determine what kind of disease is caused by the color of the face, there are several possibilities:
1, freckles, usually from childhood, but after drying, the color is deeper;
2, chloasma, also known as butterfly spot. It is formed for many reasons, most of which are related to endocrine, especially estrogen levels, irregular menstruation, pregnancy, eating contraceptives or poor liver function and chronic kidney disease are easy The disease appears. In addition, sun exposure and mental factors will aggravate the disease. In any case, the treatment should first be sunscreen, because sun exposure can increase the color of the stain. If it is freckles, you can use freck laser to remove the existing freckles, usually There will be no scars, but some people will have shallow traces left, so it is necessary to consult with the doctor carefully. If the diagnosis is chloasma, the laser will have no effect, and it needs to be combined with internal and external treatment, and the mood will be pleasant, otherwise it will be Interfere with endocrine and aggravate the condition. Regular freckle products have effects on light freckles and chloasma. It is recommended that you go to the hospital for cosmetic surgery, or you can use laser to remove freckles. The doctor will take reasonable and effective measures for you according to your situation. Treatment measures.

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