How to remove freckles on the face

Chloasma is a disease with a long history. It has been recorded as a chloasma in the past. For this kind of disease affecting human appearance, there are many ways to treat this disease in our country. Most of them have been practiced for a long time. At present, we all know that traditional Chinese medicine beauty paste and spotting cream can be very good. In addition to the removal of chloasma, what other methods are there? The Chinese medicine in the motherland is profound and profound, and many methods are effective. The removal of chloasma is a long-term process, and it cannot be done overnight. Therefore, any method must be adhered to.

Method for eliminating facial chloasma

Eat dried persimmon, remove chloasma

[Materials] Dried persimmons, suitable for daily consumption, long-term food is effective.

[Efficacy] Run the heart and lungs, go to the dark spots. Apply to facial dark spots and freckles.

Eating milk paste to remove chloasma

[Materials] 30g of walnut kernels, 300g of milk, 200g of soy milk, 20g of black sesame seeds, and appropriate amount of sugar.

[Production] First, the walnut kernels and black sesame seeds are ground in a small mill, then mix thoroughly with milk and soy milk, boil in a pot, and then add sugar to taste; or when boiled, beat raw eggs and stir Cook while cooking. Eat 1 small bowl each morning and evening. Can be eaten regularly.

[Effect] Moisturizing and radiant. Suitable for skin chloasma and wrinkles.

Eat porridge and remove chloasma

[Materials] 1 pair of pig kidney, 100g of yam, 200g of glutinous rice, 50g of coix seed with water.

[Production] Pig kidney to the fascia, parotid gland, chopped, washed, and peeled and chopped yam, glutinous rice, coix seed, water together, boiled porridge with a small fire, seasoning can be seasoned. Eat separately.

[Efficacy] has the effect of tonifying kidney and benefiting skin. Suitable for pigmentation and dark spots.

Drinking hawthorn and removing chloasma

[Materials] Hawthorn and orange peel are each consumed in moderation.

[Production] Hawthorn, orange peel and water to cook together, to be cool, use gauze filter residue to pick juice and honey to call. Drink regularly.

[Efficacy] removes dark spots. Apply to facial dark spots and freckles.

Drinking skin juice to remove chloasma

[Materials] 100g of Sydney, 200g of sugar cane, 300g of grapes, 100g of honey.

[Production] Wash Sydney, sugar cane, and grapes to the slag, mix with honey and bottle. Eat 10 ml each morning and evening, with boiling water.

[Efficacy] Clear lung heat, nourish the five organs and six organs. Suitable for gray face, dark spots and freckles.

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