How to remove freckles on your face?

Use melon vine water to wipe the face, bath, can make the skin moist, eliminate freckles. Calendula leaf juice also has the effect of skin removal and plaque. Suggestions: smash the marigold leaves, juice and wipe the face, It can eliminate freckles, but also refreshing and whitening skin. Dandelion flower water can also be used to remove spots.

There are many treatments for freckles, such as medication, cryotherapy, cosmetic removal, etc., but the results are not very satisfactory. The current ideal way to get freckles is to laser to freckles. Suggestions: The principle of laser freckles is that the laser light emitted by the therapeutic device can penetrate the damaged skin extremely smoothly, enter the lesion site, and treat the pigment in the lesion.

The laser freckle method does not damage normal skin tissue. The laser freckle is to pass a specific wavelength of the laser beam through the epidermis and dermis, destroying the pigment cells and pigment particles, and the fragments are absorbed by the macrophages in the body, leaving no scars.


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