Learn the classic quotes of tattoos

If you are studying tattoos, please read the contents carefully. If you are a master tattoo artist, please skip it.

1. The heavy black color of the tattoo is done once, and repeated it will produce deeper gray. This sentence comes from the American Paul Tattooist.

2. The best state of the tattoo machine is that there is a sound when you don't have a needle. (Even if the sound is very loud.) After the needle is stuck to the skin, there is no sound. This is the best tattoo machine.

3. There is no best tattoo machine in the world, only the best tattoo techniques, never give yourself any excuses.

4, black heavy color can be painted light, and light color is never painted black than him, do not be confused by the surface phenomenon.

5, the secant line is slow, the fog is small, although this method is very earthy but very practical.

6, the color of the heavy tattoo technique is good, this statement is wrong, the block method is correct.

7. There is no shortcut to tattoos. If you have more, you can see the effect of your own work after recovery. {The look after recovery is terrible, but only in this way can you find the problem, don’t be fooled by the surface, this is most people. Fault

8. The fog of the board is ground out by the needle.

9. For different skin coloring materials, it is also different, dark skin with powdery color materials can avoid some of the effects of admiration, white skin, watery, more beautiful

10. When you are doing a color tattoo, you don't have to adjust the level of whitening, but you can't transfer water.

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