Nail Basic Teaching Eight Steps

01 bubble hand:
First, soak your hands with warm water. It is recommended to soak for about 3 minutes. This will remove excess dirt and oil from the nails, enhance the adhesion of the nail polish, and soften the dead skin.

02 upper softener:
After the hand is applied, the dead skin around the nail will become soft. At this time, apply the softener to the dead skin around the nail and gently massage for 1-2 minutes to promote absorption. Softeners quickly soften thick, hard corns. It also supplements nutrients and vitamins.

03 trimmed dead skin:
Use a dead skin scissors to gently push the dead skin and trim it. It is very important to choose a high-quality dead skin scissors. If the knife edge is sharp, you can easily cut off the dead skin. Otherwise, the deadlift will be very painful and bloody.

04 Manicure:
Use your fingernails to trim your nails into the desired shape. When trimming, be careful to use a larger amount of nails to avoid damage to your nails.

05 smoothing the nail surface:
Use a face-to-face grind to gently smooth the nail surface to remove horizontal lines, vertical lines, and uneven surfaces on the nail surface. Careful polishing helps the nail polish to last longer and not fall off.

06 primer oil:
This step of applying the base oil is very important, and it cannot be ignored. The base oil prevents the pigmentation of colored nail polish on the nail surface and plays a vital role in protecting the nail.

07 nail polish (first time):
Nail polish is usually peeled off from the tip of the nail. It is very simple to solve this problem. When applying nail polish, remember to apply the tip of the nail and wrap the nail tip with nail polish.
The correct way to apply nail polish: first apply the first brush in the middle of the nail, apply it from the root of the nail to the tip, and then apply the left side of the nail. It is also applied from the root of the nail to the tip, and the same method is applied to the right side of the nail.

08 phototherapy lamp for 1 minute (LED light 30 seconds):
It takes a while for the nail polish to dry out. During this time, try not to move.

09 coated nail polish (second time):
The key step is to brush the second color with a little care, you can brush a little arc, you can use the "cover" way to draw the side French nails, so you must wait for the first one. Color can only be painted after the nail polish has dried.

10 phototherapy lamps for 2 minutes (LED lights for 1 minute):
This step is mainly to make the nail oil dry.

11 cleaning fluid cleaning surface:
After the nail oil is dry, the surface can be cleaned with a special cleaning solution to make the nail polish more lustrous.

12 topping oil:
The top oil is designed to keep the color fixed and not easy to fall off.

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