Relationship between freckles and heredity, age

Freckles are hereditary, and freckles are also closely related to the sun. Children under the age of 5 are rarely exposed to the sun. Therefore, freckles are mostly grown around the age of 5 (children before the age of 4 have freckles, not necessarily freckles, mostly freckles, and freckles are two different things). Freckles are mostly grown at an early age, increased during puberty, and freckles until puberty, but in adulthood (around 18) freckles are long.

Freckles are yellow-brown spotted pigmentation spots on the facial skin, which are autosomal dominant. Sun exposure can induce and aggravate skin lesions. The reason is genetic predisposition, autosomal dominant inheritance. Sun exposure is an essential factor in the occurrence of rashes.
Removal suggestions:
(1) Avoiding sun exposure is an important preventive measure.
(2) Eat more vegetables and fruits, eat less spicy foods, etc., keep the stool smooth and sleep well.

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