Share some insights about tattoos

A baby who wants a tattoo must know that after three or four days after the tattoo, your tattoo will enter a crusting--the process of rejuvenation, which is very itchy, must not be scratched, so don’t feel There is a problem with your own tattoo, and don't question your tattoo artist, because this is a process that all tattoos must pass. It takes about half a month to 20 days, depending on the person.

A sneak peek, many people think that the tattoo can not touch the water in the next few days, can not take a bath ... and so on, this is wrong, one or two hours after the tattoo can touch the water, and what you still need to do is a few hours after the tattoo Rinse your tattoo with water and rinse off the skin tissue that is oozing like a small bead. This will help restore the tattoo.

There are also semi-permanent tattoos, for example, which are tattoos, like eyebrows? But it doesn't belong to tattoos, tattoos are not semi-permanent! ! Tattoos are not semi-permanent! Remember! Semi-permanent is really not recommended for everyone to do, and a finger tattoo is a reason, not long after the tattoo will fade and faint, piece by piece, very ugly

With regard to fading, most tattoo shops now use imported pigments. Black does not turn cyan as before, but as the cells renew and grow, there will always be some changes, if your tattoo is good. It will fade after one month. If you don't have itchy hands, it is a problem with the tattoo artist or color material. You need to make a second complementary color. But black tattoos are basically not needed. I have never done a complementary color, it is a one-off. Colored tattoos are more difficult to paint. The reason is the same as black, and it will not fade. It will take several years to fade.

Regarding the tattooing, although as a tattoo artist, I sincerely hope that every guest can carefully select the map, the pattern is a lifetime, and the tattoo is more expensive than the tattoo and the pain is not to be said. Generally, the tattoo must be washed three to five times, but the total There are various people who need to wash their tattoos for various reasons, so is the tattoo clean? It depends on the machine. There are hundreds of thousands of good machines. Of course, it is clean, but it depends on the tattoo. Some tattoos will have a little bit of print. But most of the shops that can wash tattoos are tens of thousands of machines, which can only tell you that washing is not clean, and improper care is very easy to proliferate. But you don't know whether the machine in this store is good or bad. It is best to have a friend who is engaged in tattooing to give you a recommendation. The second is to go to the big store. The big store generally won't sign the sign. The machine for washing tattoos can't say good. But it must not be bad.

I can't think of other aspects. If you have any questions about tattoos, you can leave a message or private message. I will reply immediately after seeing it.

There are also babies who don't accept tattoos. I don't have to resist me. I am a tattoo artist. I also have tattoos on my body. I don't like to argue with others that tattoos must be good or bad. This kind of thing really looks. Personally, my parents have tattoos that I have given them. Grandparents and grandparents also support my hobbies. As for girls, tattoos are not good for marriage, etc.... can only say that the thoughts are different.

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