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Hyperplasia and fainting

The occurrence of hyperplasia has a lot to do with the tattooist's technique. It does not rule out that some people's skin is scarred. The perfect tattoo is touched without bumps. The halo can be found on the spot when the tattoo is finished. The neat lines are smooth. There is a blue smudge around the faint lines. I don’t think it’s a slight faint. After all, no one will put your face on your body to see your tattoo. Seriously faint I have seen tattoos. The surrounding is like a bruise of falling, so single lines, especially small patterns, it is very important to choose an experienced tattoo artist. He can provide you with a small and rich and exquisite design, ideal effect. The small tattoo in Figure 1 is obviously faded, the lines are not smooth, although there is no proliferation and fainting, it is also an unsatisfactory tattoo. This happens that the tattoo artist does not pierce the color into the skin. The so-called Korean semi-permanent means this. The tattoo will not disappear, but will be mottled and faded.

The aesthetic qualities of tattoo artists are also important.

Figure 3 is a good case. This kind of beauty is not born, it is accumulated for decades of study. As an art industry practitioner, there is no basic art expertise, how to create a good work. So take a closer look at the tattoo artist's manuscript and daily painting work before the tattoo.

Finally, mention the maintenance methods of tattoos.

I recommend the tattoo curing film, the good thing that has just emerged in these two years. After the tattoo is over, dry it and stick the protective film. After a week, tear it off. After peeling off the protective film, use a gentle lotion to maintain it.

I now recommend that the customer use the imported one, because it needs the protective film to have good gas permeability and waterproof, non-toxic, and insensitive. After all, it is used on the wound, and the imported one has a safer clinical experiment guarantee. After applying the protective film, the tattoo will also ooze some ink and tissue fluid. The tattoo under the film may become a blur, don't worry, it will be normal after tearing off.

If you don't have this kind of protective film, be sure to wash your tattoo with clean water as much as possible in the first three days after tattooing, but don't take a bath, sauna, or swimming. After washing, it will be dry and dry. After the tattoo starts to dry and crusted, apply tattoo protection cream to relieve itching and moisturize. The tattoo is produced in a very thin condition. If your mole is thick or has not been scarred for a long time, it is because your tattoo has a large skin lesion and the tattoo will take longer to recover.

After falling off, the skin will be shiny, very thin, itchy, don't grab it, apply a mild lotion, some people will recover longer, depending on the person. But as long as you are patiently cared for, you will be satisfied.

Don't wrap the cling film for a long time. After the tattoo is over, many times the tattoo artist will give you a plastic wrap. If you have this, please remove the plastic wrap within an hour.

Do not apply a large amount of ointment three days before the tattoo. A thick layer of ointment will make the tattoo unable to breathe. The tissue fluid will continue to ooze out, which is not conducive to recovery. Keep the tattoo area dry, but not dry.


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