Tattoo distance

When the tattoo is fogging, it is recommended that you take out the needle between 2MM and 3MM. The machine is best to use a softer one, don't be too hard. This specific operation can be done by pressing the shrapnel by hand to try the strength of the shrapnel.

The specific tattooing should use the method of circle and push forward, it depends on the tattoo pattern and The technique and habits of the tattoo artist, this is not an accurate conclusion, and most of them rely on the tattooist's technique and the needle to feel the flexibility of the skin to control the depth.

If you adjust the needle to 1.5MM and do a place repeatedly, you will find that the skin will not be broken. If you adjust the needle to 3MM, you will make a place where the tattoo will be broken. So please adjust the needle shorter when the tattoo is fogging. If you can master the depth and speed of the tattoo needle well, you can skip it.

I am just here to write these tips to beginners of tattoos. If you are a master and feel that I am writing something wrong, please contact me, I will correct it immediately. I hope everyone can make progress together.

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