Tattoo professional techniques and techniques

A: Adjust the length of the needle of the tattoo machine carefully, because the length of the needle (the depth of the needle) determines the thickness of the line. Under normal circumstances, excessive adjustment should be avoided, because one: the lower needle is too shallow, the pigment will dissolve in the blood and spread, resulting in a situation commonly known as "opening". Second: the needle is too deep, it is easy to damage the dermis and cause scars. Therefore, we recommend that the depth of the needle of the tattoo machine should be less than 1.5mm.
B: The angle of the secant should not exceed 30°, because if the angle is too large, the needle is prone to the situation of the line, and the lower needle is perpendicular to the skin.

C: When using the transfer method for secant, pay attention to the order of secant, which should be done in the order of “from bottom to top” and “from right to left”, because under such circumstances, it is not easy to cause grinding. The shape of the transfer pattern appears.

1. When secant, use the gradual approach, keep it flowing, do not pause, otherwise there will be dotted lines.
2, the depth of the lower needle should be 0.1-0.15cm, should not be too deep or too shallow, otherwise it will easily lead to the following phenomena:

A: The redness of the customer's decorative parts
B: Increase the pain of customers.
C: It dissolves into the blood, causing the pigment to spread and causing a "cleavage" phenomenon.
D: The line is thicker and cannot achieve the original effect.

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