Tattoo steps

1. First select the picture. Usually the tattoo artist will put a plastic wrap on the skin of the picture. There are many optional pictures in the usual tattoo shop, and you can also find pictures on the Internet, magazines, and books to let the tattoo artist give the lines.

2. Transfer the selected image (usually copying the image first) with the transfer oil to the position where the tattoo is needed. Usually, the transfer oil is used. However, if it is a situation such as a picture change or a tattooer's needs, the tattoo artist will also use strokes.

3. Apply Vaseline on the skin of the prepared tattoo to make it smooth and prevent the skin from being too dry and cracking when it is in the grain.

4. Use the secant-cut line, that is, first go through the outline of the figure and all the lines.

5. Use a fog machine - fog, color.

6. After finishing, apply Vaseline on the skin of the tattoo to protect it.

7. Usually, the tattoo artist will wrap the plastic wrap on the skin of the finished pattern. One is to prevent the Vaseline from getting on the clothes, and the other is to protect the skin from the outside skin and avoid infection. Some don't wrap plastic wrap, and the blood and body fluids that have leaked out of the skin will be able to wear clothes and go home in the future.


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