Tattoo techniques and techniques! How to make a tattoo?

The process of tattooing is divided into two major steps: “cutting” and “fogging”, but it often overlooks a very important procedure, that is, “planning”. “planning” is divided into two parts, one refers to the design of the pattern, One refers to the understanding of the pattern. The design means that we must consider the long-term development of the pattern while considering the decoration of the customer, taking into account the future improvement, because the tattoo is a kind of identification of the body, it has continuity. .

First, a good tattoo must have a good composition and a correct secant. Many people and even professional tattooists will have too shallow, too thin, or open lines. Incorrect results using utensils or tattoo methods.

Most tattoo masters use imported tattoo machines, but they must have their own needles and needles (bundle them together and bond them together with solder). In order to reduce the pressure on the tattooist, Tattoo needles have been sold (single needle to picking up the needle), but the tattoo enthusiasts who are usually born or who are at home are almost always using the tattoo machine (we never recommend using the tattoo machine to tattoo) .

Because the torque and rotation speed of the eyebrow machine motor are not enough, if you want to print a thick, black and even line, you have to use a professional tattoo machine, but you must also master the appropriate methods and methods.

When cutting the thread, pay attention to the angle between the tattoo machine and the skin. The maximum angle should not exceed 30°. If it exceeds 30°, it will easily lead to the opening of the line, or it will not be colored. We know that when it is vertical, the cut line is the thickest. For black and thorns, the depth of the lower needle should not be too deep, preferably 1-1.5mm.

Second, fogging

There is no specific way to fight fog. Some people tear from the inside out and do heavy fog at the beginning of the heavier place. When the lighter place is lighter at the end, we temporarily call it the "Northwest Rain" pattern (because it's The disadvantage is that the fog that is formed will form a fog like a radial line.

Some people use the spiral method from the inside to the outside. At the beginning, the force is heavier. When it is heavy fog, the other way is to continue to go back and forth as the nozzle of the printer, and gradually develop outward. The beginning place is heavier, gradually If you put light power on the ground, you can also form a fog like a gradient.


1. After the tattoo is completed for three to four hours, clean the tattoo part with warm water. Use a bath solution, then dry it with a sanitary towel, keep it dry, and wash it daily. Only showers are not allowed to take a bath.

2. Do not apply any ointment other than tattoo cream to avoid discoloration and damage the overall beauty.

3. Before the tattoo body has not healed, do not swim, sauna, sun, and go to sea.

4, three to five days to show crusting, peeling, itching are normal, do not be obsessed, and the knot will naturally fall off. At this time, the lotion can be used as appropriate.

5, if the tattoo is in the joint or easy to be pulled, the knot should pay attention to the action should not be too large, to avoid the cracking of the knot, affecting the future beauty.

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