The best way to travel to Xiamen is to walk in the air.

In Xiamen, you don't have to enter the scenic area to have beautiful scenery. In fact, it has many attractions that are free of charge and few people. Walking on the streets of Xiamen, the roadside handcrafts, snacks, and occasionally cats and dogs are all a place away from the hustle and bustle. Xiamen is living in such a slow life. The person who is relaxed, comfortable and more willing to travel is reluctant to leave. Traveling in Xiamen, you don't need to be too serious, you can be very casual, follow your own leisure, come to a trip in Xiamen for 3 days and 2 nights.
Ride traffic
1. There is only one airport in Xiamen. Gaoqi Airport is divided into two terminals. T3 and T4 are not too far apart. There are also shuttle buses in the airport. The airport is located on the island and is very close to the city. There is an airport bus. You can take a taxi and get to the city about 30. It is recommended to pick up a free hand-painted map of Xiamen at the airport, which has both reference value and collection value.
2, the high-speed rail to Xiamen has two stations, one is Xiamen North Station, the other is Xiamen Station on the island, Xiamen Station is more convenient, if you can choose BRT or subway directly from the North Station, it is very convenient, no It is recommended to take a taxi, it will block and the price is higher.
3, self-driving tour to Xiamen, it is recommended to find a convenient parking place, travel is best to take a taxi or subway, BRT, public transport, because Xiamen parking is more difficult, and more one-way.
4. About public transportation: Xiamen has opened Alipay and WeChat scanning code, which is very convenient.

Preparation before the trip
1. Xiamen is a maritime climate, and the rainy season is from March to May, so remember to bring your hat and umbrella; sunscreen, plenty of sunshine in the afternoon, and be prepared
2. It is recommended to bring mosquito repellent water. The mosquitoes in Xiamen are extremely powerful. Cooling oil, band-aid, motion sickness medicine prepared according to individual needs
4, camera equipment: mobile phones, cameras, charging treasure, data lines, selfie sticks, etc.
5, essential clothing and comfortable shoes
Note: Student ID card and retirement certificate should be brought along, if there is a discount in the scenic area.

DAY1: Railway Station - Weiyou - Rumo - Zeng Yi - Xin Aqiang
Zeng Yi has changed from a small fishing village to a net red land, which not only attracts foreign tourists, but even locals will come here. There is more than one variety of food here, and the more attractive is the varied B&B. This accommodation is arranged in the literary and artistic atmosphere of Zeng Yi.
The friends who arrived before noon will meet near the train station and punch the old taste of Xiamen - taste friends. Weiyou has been open for more than 20 years. It can be said that the island is well known both inside and outside. The World Trade Center elevator can directly reach the 5th floor. The glass window can provide a panoramic view of the railway station. The outdoor is a clear file, and the window can be single point. I want to order food and enter the hall. There are not only authentic Xiamen flavors but also various seafood. Red brick walls, vintage door openings, and old-fashioned eaves give people the feeling of returning to old Xiamen.
Dongxing spotted shrimp dumplings, a very unique dish, the steam of the East Star spot is just right, fresh enough. The matching shrimp dumplings, a bite of meat, is really satisfying.

Xiamen earth bamboo shoot soup, you can eat and drink the bamboo shoots, more enjoyable than the frozen, and more adequate, plus a little garlic sauce is delicious, do not want, but many friends who come to Xiamen do not dare to eat, really too Pity.
Garlic is deep in seafood, and there are many varieties of seafood, and they are fresh and fresh. Daddy, yellow croaker, flower buds... gather together for a plate, you can satisfy the yearning for seafood.
[Rumo Design Holiday Villa]
If the ink is only five minutes away from Zeng, it is as quiet as the world. The taxi can go directly to the hotel entrance, and the huge banana tree in front of the door is particularly eye-catching. White and green, let people shine. Check-in at the front desk will also remind you that there is breakfast available, there are A and B options, you must confirm with the front desk in advance.

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