The difference between photon freckle and laser freckle

As a dermatologist, the most contact is the beauty of the freckle. For the beauty of the long spot, there are many ways to choose freckle. Nowadays, there are many kinds of photon freckles and laser freckles. The effect of freckle is safer and more obvious, so what is the difference between photon freckle and laser freckle? Which one is better?
I will give you a detailed explanation today. Photon freckle and laser freckle treatment are different. Photon freckle is a comprehensive application of biostimulation and photothermolysis. Photon freckle is a principle that uses pigment to easily absorb light waves. Normal tissue is only stimulated by light waves, and does not absorb light waves. When the temperature is high, the pigment absorbs high-temperature light waves, and the temperature difference can cause the pigment to decompose and rupture, the pigment can be eliminated, and the surrounding tissues can be protected from damage. Laser freckle is the principle of selective photothermal action. Different lasers have different pigments. Each pigment has its own specific light absorption curve, and the laser can adjust different wavelengths, pulse widths and energies according to different pigments. More targeted decomposition of pigment particles, pigments excreted with their lymphatic system, the stains will disappear. Photons and lasers have their own strengths and advantages.
Photon mainly treats skin blemishes and aging caused by ultraviolet radiation and age. Photon freckle skin rejuvenation can achieve the effects of freckle, redness and hair removal, as well as skin problems such as facial wrinkles and enlarged pores. . The laser is mainly used for the treatment of pigmented skin problems, such as Ota, coffee spots, freckles, chloasma, tattoos and other pigments. In addition to freckle, the laser can also whiten and rejuvenate facial wrinkles. Although photon freckle and laser freckle are very popular medical and beauty care items, they are not something that everyone can do, such as those who are allergic to light, have inflammation or immune system defects, are using photoallergic drugs, pregnant women, etc. Suitable for photon freckle. Laser freckle is not something that everyone can do. It is not recommended for laser ecchymosis for people with diabetes, high blood pressure, long-term use of psychotropic drugs, antihypertensive drugs, and pregnant women. In the face consultation, you should tell the doctor truthfully, otherwise there will be adverse consequences that no one wants to see. All in all, the energy of photon freckle is not as high as that of laser. If it is not properly operated, it may aggravate the deposition of pigment and make the skin more dry and sensitive. Therefore, for some intractable stains, laser freckle is used, and the treatment effect will be better.
The above is some common-sense knowledge of photon freckle and laser freckle. Now there are more methods for freckle on medical beauty. It is recommended that the beauty seekers should go to the hospital for treatment before the treatment. It is better to choose which freckle method to choose. After all, the method of freckle is high and low, and each individual is different. Choose the method of freckle that suits you to achieve the best freckle effect.

The laser is better. Photon skin rejuvenation uses color light, for the whole face rejuvenation, if the spot is not very deep, you can choose; while laser freckle uses laser, it is more therapeutic, if you choose laser for spotting. Since laser spotting is the removal of skin spots by laser or laser light, the principle of this treatment is that the light can selectively act on different skin tissues, and the specific light source can ensure only the color. The effect of plaque does not affect normal skin tissue. Under the action of light energy, such pigmentation will be vaporized and decomposed, and then naturally excreted with the metabolism of the body. Therefore, this is a fundamentally The ideal way to solve the problem of stains, but also more secure than the traditional method,
In addition, this treatment will improve the health of the skin, so that the skin can not only relieve the stains, but also more white and delicate than before, in general, a comprehensive beauty technology. A laser uses a laser of a certain wavelength to be absorbed only by a pigment of a corresponding color. Only the diseased cells absorb a specific laser, and the normal skin tissue is not damaged, so no scars are left. Laser to freckle freckle itself will not rebound, if you continue to sun after a long time, there will be other new spots, freckles patients should develop good sun protection habits. Laser spotting is the removal of skin spots by laser or laser light.

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