The right skin care steps are here!

When it comes to skin care, many people's first reaction is to wash their face, or else they are applying a lot of water and milk. More people are mistaken about the order of skin care. As a result, they have bought many skin care products with very good reputation.

But I feel that it doesn't have much effect. Even many people often confuse morning skin care and evening skin care steps. Today, Mumu comes to talk to you about how skin care is correct.

Of course, there will be many babies, questions about the steps of eye cream, lotion, and sunscreen. After the specific steps have been written in Mumu, there will be specific answers after the article. The baby who has questions can go and see below. Let's talk about the steps of daily skin care together?

The first step: cleansing

Cleansing, in general, is to wash your face, but you have to wash your face in the morning and evening. Mumu teaches you to wash your face in the morning. Usually some babies will have special face washing equipment. Although the advertisement is washed with a face wash, it will be cleaner, but the wood is only recommended. If the horny layer is very thin and thin, don't wash the face often. If you want to use it, it is recommended to buy a little more, so as not to damage the skin, but also to wash clean.

The second one is about water temperature. Many babies think that washing their face with cold water is good for the skin. Some babies think that washing their face with hot water is good for the skin, but wood is recommended to use warm water. It is the best for the skin. Warm water can not only open the pores. The skin remains in the skin and can also clean some substances that clog the pores.

And our skin oily baby can't wait to wash the face many times a day, in fact, it also hurts the skin. So remember, don't wash your face more. Regarding the choice of cleansing products, Mumu is the first to introduce amino acid facial cleanser. Relatively speaking, amino acid facial cleanser does not harm the skin when washing, and it will not “slip” after washing the face. There are no leftovers and it is very healthy. (Of course, after washing, you must remember to use a face towel, do not use a rough towel.)

The second step: water emulsion
Many babies usually apply water to the face immediately after washing their face, and then apply the lotion immediately. In fact, this is not right. It is also a white smear because the water and lotion are not completely absorbed by us, so it is best. The way is.
After wiping the water on the face, use the method of tapping (of course, gently tapping), wait for the water to pat on the face until it is absorbed, then apply the lotion. After applying the lotion, gently massage until absorbed. Many babies Everyday I will be bothered by trouble, including myself, but as long as I think that I have bought so expensive skin care products that I have not absorbed myself, I feel that the steps of "trouble" are not a problem.

The third step: eye cream, essence

The baby will definitely have doubts here. In the end, it is the first to apply eye cream, or the first to apply the essence. Wood and wood are sold here first. In the following article, I will tell you that Mumu teaches you how to paint more delicately. Eye cream, generally our eye cream will be directly applied by hand, but the delicate eye cream is best to use a small spoon props. But that's just a fine coating. If you don't have a small spoon, use our hands.

First, pick up your finger, or a small spoon of eye cream, and dig the right amount (how much is the right amount, that is, you don't feel greasy, but don't wipe it off). The eye cream is placed on the ring finger + middle finger. Squeeze up, gently press on the eye, then from the end of the eye to the corner of the eye, squat gently 6 times along the eyelids, gently tap the finger 6 times toward the temple, a little lifting feeling, lightly under the eyes Massage gently to the temple 6 times, at the corner of the eye, gently massage in a circular motion 6 times.

The essence is also an essential and extremely important step in our skin care! Focus on the key! Never omit this step for lazy! The choice of essence should also be chosen according to your skin type, don't blindly follow the trend!

The fourth step: face cream, sunscreen

Now that the summer is over, many babies are not willing to apply cream. I feel that the skin is greasy and greasy. It is too burdensome to apply a thick layer of cream. In fact, it is because the cream is not selected. How to choose the cream that suits you, it must be chosen according to your skin type. If it is easy to suffocate the big oil skin, don't choose those who look at the heavy cream. Try to choose a clear and non-greasy cream in the summer, buy You can now test it yourself, or you will really be abandoning it after you buy it back.

Step 5: Night Skin Care
The steps of skin care at night are actually similar to the daytime, but there is a process of removing makeup, exfoliating and applying mask. Mumu reminds everyone, don't sleep with makeup! Don't sleep with makeup! ! Must remember to remove makeup, go to the horny regularly once a week, if it is sensitive muscles do not recommend exfoliating too often, be careful! Otherwise it is more likely to damage our stratum corneum.
Regarding the mask, the solid wood is applied every day. The effect of the mask is to replenish the water. The so-called whitening and beauty masks do not have much effect. Buying a hydrating mask will do. I have two masks for my daily preparation. It is used for emergency hydration, it will buy a little better, another kind of daily hydration, suitable for daily application, its hydrating effect is not as good as emergency hydration, but every day, it will not cause skin to cause trouble, our beauty reaches up. Fan Bingbing is not applying mask every day, so we must hurry up!


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