What are the most effective ways to remove freckles?

Do a good job of sun protection. Ultraviolet light in the sun is one of the causes of freckles. It makes the latent melanin active and slowly becomes a small spot. Apply sunscreen in advance before going out, hold a UV-protective umbrella when the sun is strong, or wear a sun hat to block the sun from shining as much as possible.
Don't ignore the repair after sunburn. Although you have already prepared for sun protection, there will always be some omissions, and you will need to go home after the sun to repair the work. In addition to applying a repair cream, remember to add moisture to your face.

Use less cosmetics. Cosmetics contain heavy metals such as mercury, lead, and arsenic, which can make you shine after makeup, but the price behind this beauty is the decline in skin quality. Infiltrated heavy metals can also induce and aggravate the deposition of melanin in the deep layers of the skin, making the spots more and more obvious. Therefore, try not to make up, if you can't avoid it, be sure to remember to remove makeup carefully.
Eat more beauty food. Many foods are beneficial for nourishing the skin. For example, tomatoes contain glutathione, which inhibits melanin. Carrots are rich in free radicals and antioxidants, and vitamins C and E are all cosmetic. good helper.
Use natural skin care products. Many industrial elements have been added to the freckle products produced by the manufacturers, and long-term use has many side effects. Here is a natural and convenient skin care product, which is potatoes. Cut the raw potatoes into thin slices and apply them to freckles to dilute the spots.
Guarantee the quality of sleep. Frequent staying up late, lack of sleep, will accelerate the aging of the skin and increase melanin. Form a scientific and reasonable schedule to ensure eight hours of sleep, so that the skin can have enough time to rest and self-repair.
Drink red wine in moderation. Red wine can help to scavenge free radicals, resist the oxidation of cells, and also promote blood and beauty, which has a great effect on reducing pigmentation and skin rejuvenation.


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