What basic skin care knowledge do you know?

Skin care is what we do every day, but do you know the basic skin care knowledge? If you don't even know these things, it's no wonder that you spend a lot of energy on skin care, but the effect is so unsatisfactory.

1, pay attention to wash water temperature

Washing your face is at least twice a day, but some people say that hot water can be used to open pores, while some say cold water can collect pores, but in fact, the water temperature is not cold or hot, at least higher than cold water. A little bit of temperature, warm water can make the blood circulation better, it is not easy to wrinkle.

2, all year round sunscreen

Don't neglect the sunscreen because it's cold. The sunscreen work can't be saved all year round. Whether it's UVA or UVB, these two wavelengths will enter the human skin and penetrate the dermis, just in summer. Strong, but it is not that winter, cloudy days will not be tanned, not only will it turn black, but also cause skin aging!

3, do not frequent deep cleaning

Some people use keratin to use especially frequently. This is also a pit that they walked through when they were young. They thought that the skin after going through the horny skin was particularly smooth and excessive. The stratum corneum is actually an important structure that constitutes the human skin barrier. If it is excessively removed. It will promote the formation of red blood cells and make the skin sensitive.

4, do not tap when applying skin care products

Many people use the skin care products to pat their faces and absorb them. In fact, this will not help the absorption. Instead, it will cause the skin care products to evaporate quickly, and it will stimulate the skin.

5, there is no fast whitening products

Now that the whitening products are so powerful, you can use them once and you can whiten them. Do you really dare to use such white products? After all, the face is painted, not the white wall, this is not a hormone, it is a foundation. The former may cause dependence on dermatitis, and if there is no thorough makeup removal, the problem will follow.

6, do not apply a variety of skin care products at a time

Nowadays, skin care products can be said to be dazzling. When someone feels that they have to take care of them, they will apply hydrating, whitening and anti-wrinkle to their faces. This will not only get the effect you want, but also Injury to the skin.

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