What can't be eaten during laser freckle

After laser freckle, it is impossible to wash your face for at least one week. After that, you can wipe it with a wet towel. After the crust is naturally detached, you can wash your face with water. However, be careful not to eat more pigmented foods such as fungus, black sesame, etc. after laser freckle.

 It is best to go out before the knot is dropped, and it is necessary to wrap it tightly to prevent ultraviolet radiation. Pay attention to the darker skin after laser freckle, and some are the emergency response of individual skin to laser stimulation, and postoperative inflammatory pigmentation. Therefore, it is not recommended to use laser ecchymosis. It may be faster than one time. There may be great side effects in the later stage. You can insist on putting two spoonfuls of vinegar in your face every day, which can soften the keratin to dilute melanin, or apply the muscle cream after washing your face every morning and evening. On the spot, drink a glass of tomato juice every day, these sticks can be freckle.
How to care after laser freckle
1. After laser freckle protection, the treatment area is cleaned to avoid infection.
2, after laser freckle to avoid eating spicy spicy food.
3, after the laser freckle, the skin will become very sensitive and delicate, easy to leave traces, so you need to pay attention to the maintenance and sun protection for a few days after surgery, try to avoid going out, and must use sunscreen.
4, just pay attention to diet at the end of treatment, can not eat foods with high pigment content, to prevent pigmentation in local areas, such as coffee, and celery and other photosensitive foods.

Laser freckle is generally done after the diet, spicy, sturdy can not eat, the skin can not touch the water before the knot is frozen and anti-freeze sunscreen. If you go out, you should do sun protection. If the pigment does not completely recede in about three months, then after an expert diagnosis, laser freckle can be performed again. It is strictly forbidden to eat spicy foods such as spicy and non-smoking alcohol.

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