What causes the skin to become more and more sensitive?

1, congenital stratum corneum is thin, generally because of heredity;

2, the skin is aging, the stratum corneum will also become thinner. When young, the cycle of metabolism of the stratum corneum is almost 28 days. When the age increases, the cycle will become longer and longer;

3, acquired care is not appropriate, this is the most common one.

For example, using ingredients containing hormones (hormone, lead, etc.), excessive exfoliation, or recent chemical peeling, dermabrasion, etc., these will cause damage to the basal cells, the stratum corneum can not be effectively split Breeding is generated, and as time goes on, the stratum corneum becomes thinner and thinner.

Look at the sensitive features of the skin:

1, the red blood on the face is obvious, it seems that the skin is relatively transparent, easy to be allergic;

2, will be affected by the environment, the seasons, too cold and too hot, there will be skin redness, fever;

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