What if the tattoo is not colored?

There are two reasons why a tattoo is not colored:

The first is the shallowness of the tattoo needle;
The second is the speed of the tattoo needle and the speed at which the hand moves too fast.

Please check the strength of the machine. The small force of the machine can cause the needle to not penetrate the skin. As the hand moves, the needle marks the skin, but the color does not penetrate into the skin. Wipe off, leaving only traces of red! Generally, please check the strength of the machine carefully. Generally, the secant time is divided into parts. It is recommended to use the circle 3 or the circle 5 to cut the line. The needle is placed to about 3 mm. Attention should be paid to the needle tip not to stick to the skin, and to suspend the needle, generally solve this problem. In fact, the machine is not colored, and there are certain reasons for the machine you bought.

I recommend everyone to use imported tattoo machines here. The imported tattoo machine is stable, the speed is even and not hot, and the frequency of the needle is very consistent. The lines of such hooks will be smoother, and the price of imported tattoo machines is generally around 1500.

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