What is the correct order of skin care?

Many friends want to learn skin care, but don't know how to get started! The introduction to skin care is actually not that difficult. Many small partners now don't know which step the mask should be used. Is it necessary to use the essence, lotion and cream? So what is the correct skin care step?
Basic skin care order: cleansing - lotion - eye cream (optional) - essence (optional) - lotion / cream (choose one) - sunscreen (daytime use)

1. Clean the face

Take a proper amount of cleanser, foam on a clean hand, massage the face from bottom to top in a circular pattern, usually less than a minute. Dry skin and sensitive muscles, suitable for mild facial cleanser, can choose amino acids. Healthy muscle or oil skin, you can use 1-2 times of soap-based facial cleanser a week, but definitely not for long-term use. Always use a mild facial cleanser whenever possible.

2. Toner

Wipe your face with a cotton pad and a toner. It can be used for secondary cleansing. If you want to moisturize, pat it on your face with your hands. The technique must be light, otherwise it will damage the skin. Oily skin is suitable for refreshing lotion; dry skin, neutral skin, and combination skin are suitable for moisturizing lotion; sensitive skin is suitable for soothing calming lotion, soothing and calming skin and reducing sensitivity. However, some products require water after the first milk, which is based on the correct use of the product.

3. Facial essence (optional)

The essence is divided into basic and functional types. The basic essence mainly plays the role of hydrating, controlling oil and regulating water and oil balance. Functional essence, whitening, anti-aging, anti-oxidation and so on. Which essence to use can be selected according to the needs of the skin. As you get older, your friends should never overlook this step.

4. Eye cream (optional)

The best use time of eye cream is before the dark circles and wrinkles are produced, so that it can protect the skin around the eyes and prevent them from happening. It is recommended to use functional eye cream after 25 years old and moisturizing eye cream before 25 years old. Pay attention to the gestures to be gentle, generally lightly a dozen or so to absorb, and then apply the remaining eye cream to the upper eyelid according to the eye lines.

5. lotion / cream

Emulsions and creams belong to the same category and are used to moisturize and moisturize the skin. Just use the same. Generally, the lotion is more refreshing and the cream is thicker. It is recommended to use lotion in summer and face cream in autumn and winter.

6. Sunscreen

Sunscreens must be used every day during the day, not only for sun protection, but also for anti-aging. Use sunscreen, don't rub more, massage more, it is easy to muddy, destroy the sunscreen, so you can evenly shoot. It's critical to understand the skincare steps and hope that everyone will become more beautiful every day.

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