What is the principle of tattooing and what methods of tattooing?

Every tattoo has its meaning, and it can also be said that a tattoo has a story, but we always have a variety of reasons to choose to wash the tattoo off? Today, let's take a look at the principles of tattooing and what methods of tattooing?

1. What are the principles of tattooing?

Tattoo pigments are kept in the form of molecules under the skin. The only way to dissipate them is to metabolize them. It is eaten and metabolized by white blood cells. Therefore, the general method of washing tattoos is to help you to tattoo, blast and change. Become a small molecule to let the white blood cells eat their metabolism, transport it to the liver through the lymph, and then metabolize it.

2. The process of washing the tattoo

First of all, we should understand that it is difficult to completely remove the tattoo once, especially the large-scale tattoo and the more difficult-to-wash color are closely related to the individual's metabolic ability.

3. Method of washing tattoos

(1) The well-known method of washing tattoos must first be laser surgery. For tattoo tattooing, laser is indeed a safe and secure method. For general tattoos, washing three times should be complete. Wash off, a little bit more tattoos can be washed a few times, laser tattoo can be relatively safe, to prevent the situation during the tattoo.

(2) The latest picosecond surgery, I heard that it is effective, fast, no sputum, very effective, for a large area of ​​the tattoo is also friendly, can be washed relatively clean, but the reason is difficult to push is the price It is relatively high, and it is difficult for normal families to load, but it is good that people who wash tattoos can suffer less from the pain of tattooing and are relatively cleaner.

(3) There is also Yanuoxiu massage. This method is relatively different from the first two methods. This method is a relatively conservative and safe method of washing tattoos, but it saves time and effort, and the massage itself has blood circulation. The role of phlegm, massage and tattoo needs to be adhered to, because it is not the same as surgery, it is impossible to see the effect immediately.

(4) Freezing method to remove tattoos: When the liquid nitrogen is evaporated from “liquid” to “gaseous state” at 169°C, it will take away some of the skin's moisture, causing the skin to die and renew its length. The disadvantage is that the liquid nitrogen emits gas, the area is difficult to control, and it is easy to blisters after freezing, which is easy to infect and leave. So it is not recommended to use this method.

Finally? That is, we need to fully understand which method of tattooing is the best way for ourselves, and choose the method that suits you according to your own situation.

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