What is the stratum corneum of the skin?

The stratum corneum is the shallowest layer of our skin epidermis. It is composed of several layers to dozens of flat non-nuclear keratinocytes. The cytoplasm is filled with eosinophilic keratin, which is protective for acid, alkali and friction. The role.

In addition to its immune function, the stratum corneum keeps the skin moist. It can be said that the stratum corneum is the last product of epidermal cell metabolism. The fresh keratin protein is dense and elastic. When it ages, if the skin is healthy The state is that the cells of the stratum corneum will naturally fall off, and new keratin will be produced every day.

But many people say that skin is getting more and more sensitive now, and a large part of it is because the stratum corneum is thinning.

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