What should I do if the stratum corneum is too thin?

1, not excessive cleaning

If the cuticle is too thin, don't use cleansing products that are too clean. Nowadays, the popular deep cleansing mask should be used less. It is twice as long as the healthy skin. It is once a week, and the cuticle is too much. Thin is about two weeks or three weeks. If you don't wear makeup, you just need to wash your face with water. No matter what the temperature of the year, don't wash your face with cold water or hot water. Use warm water because Cold and overheated water will also be very irritating, and warm water will not irritate the skin. Choose a mild cleansing product that can effectively cleanse the skin, shrink pores, and not wash off too much natural oil.

2, try not to whiten skin care products

Whitening skin care products generally have some irritants, so be careful to use them as much as possible. Do not use them without the best, especially with ingredients such as essence and fruit acid.

3, nourish half

Nowadays, many skin care products will be displayed in an efficient manner. However, for the damaged muscles with thin cuticles, the high-effect skin care concentration will bring extra burden to the skin, so the concentration of ingredients is not very high. High, irritating mild skin care products.

4, pay attention to sunscreen

The damaged skin of the stratum corneum lacks the ability to defend against ultraviolet rays. Ultraviolet rays not only damage the stratum corneum itself, but also easily penetrate the damaged stratum corneum, which is more vulnerable to injury and aggravation of sensitive problems.

Therefore, to do a good job of sun protection, sunscreen products should be selected for the purpose of safe and sensitive muscles, preferably physical sunscreen, the burden on the skin is not so heavy.

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