Monday, December 23, 2019 December 23, 2019

The world's five most beautiful swimming pools, bold and careful design

The first one is the swimming pool of the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland. This swimming pool is a hot spring. Here you can see the snow-capped Alps and the green coniferous forest unfolding in front of you, breathing fresh air filled with negative ions.
Soak in the hot springs in this pool, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps 360 degrees without dead ends, are you excited?

The second is: "Nimo 33" swimming pool designed by Belgian designers. This swimming pool is the deepest indoor pool on the planet. The depth of the swimming pool is 33 meters, and 2.5 million liters of warm water is stored, and the temperature is generally maintained at 33 degrees.
The swimming pool took 7 years to complete, and its opening to the outside world has attracted many tourists who love diving to experience the thrill of diving.

The third is: the swimming pool in the Bali Hanging Garden. In this swimming pool, you can admire the most beautiful jungles and mysterious temples in Bali.
This swimming pool is the world's top infinity pool, surrounded by layers of tropical plants, lying here to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The fourth is: the swimming pool of the Garden at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. This pool looks like it is floating in the air without borders.
The swimming pool is 200 meters high and the visual effects are stunning. Want to experience it?

The fifth is the swimming pool of Caruso Hotel in Italy. This hotel is close to a cliff and has an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.
In this swimming pool you can feel the spectacular views of the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the mountains.

Sunday, December 22, 2019 December 22, 2019

Country home never to go back

The memories of childhood are frozen in the leaves in winter, and those decaying old houses! Everything is so familiar, everything is so strange! Let the memories freeze in childhood, it is very kind to see this pair of beautiful countryside! Do you also like this rural scene?

Standing under the big tree at the entrance to the village and photographing the village's old house!

Standing on a mountainside to photograph a country house。

Small bridge flowing water, so a natural scene
Lush mountain weeds
Old house under big tree
Stone path in the mountains
Leaves on the ground are beautiful
The country house blends into the mountains, like a landscape painting
Childhood home

Saturday, December 21, 2019 December 21, 2019

Beautiful sea

Little boy, do you know what the sea looks like? The sea is the place I want to go most. The sea is also a world beyond sight. It has strange scenery and rich products.

There are many creatures in the sea, such as sea cucumber, cod, eel, big shark, big octopus, crayfish, and clownfish. It contains all things, absorbs hundreds of rivers, and is a magical and beautiful world.

This desire to go to the seaside came true during last summer vacation. My dad and mom were not far from the beach and found a small hotel to live in. My father and I went to the beach to play after lunch at the hotel.

When my dad and mom came to the beach, I saw many, various shells on the beach. Some are like ice cream, some are like fans, some are like mangoes, some are like love, and some are like snail shells. The big one looks like a fan, the small one looks like a button. The colors of these shells are white as snow, some red like flames, some blue like gems, and some green emeralds. They are really gorgeous and colorful.

There are many types of shells, including tiger snail shells, white jade shells, luminous shell shells, snail shells, pearl shell shells, horseshoe shell shells, phoenix shell shells, sea snails, etc ...

There are also beautiful jellyfish in the ocean. The shapes and colors of jellyfish are various. Their shapes are like transparent parachutes.

After playing on the beach for a long time, because it was too late, I reluctantly returned to the hotel with my father and mother. However, this scene remains in my heart forever.

Tuesday, December 17, 2019 December 17, 2019

Dallan Tour

"Whoo--" The wind rang through my ears, and all kinds of beautiful scenery were flashing through the window. My father and I are driving on the way to Dalan.

I learned from my dad that Dalan is a picturesque tourist resort with beautiful scenery. This made me even more eager to see Dalan. I was on the Panshan Highway, and the fragrance of nature made me feel refreshed.

The mountains are intertwined and set off against each other. The beauty of the mountains also kept coming to me like a tide. A bamboo forest surrounds the road, and from time to time, the song of birds comes from the bamboo forest. We continued to move forward through the woods. The figure of the lake appeared in front of me. The lake was flat as a mirror. The islands in the lake were lush with trees. A small stream of smoke was rising from the lakeside cottage.

Entering Dalan, the scenery is better than before. The cold clear water cascaded down from the cliffs behind, and splashed with beautiful water, flowing into the mountains. We explored inward along the creek, the lizard walked past us kindly, and we greeted him warmly, but it swept water onto our pants like a prank.

We continued to walk in with good mood to Dalan Village. The villagers were very simple and friendly. They greeted us warmly and invited us to taste their specialties.

Today is a fulfilling and happy day, because I have abandoned all my troubles and become one with nature.

Sunday, December 15, 2019 December 15, 2019

Fallen leaves travel notes

A breeze came, and a leaf on the tree fluttered in the sky, floating, and the dandelion's younger brother also fluttered in the air. When he saw the fallen leaves, he asked, "Hey, this is the younger dandelion younger brother, where are you going?" Brother Dandelion said, "Oh, my sister, like Ye Zi, traveled while the wind was blowing." Sister Li Xie said, "Okay, let's travel around the country together!"

They fluttered and floated to Mount Tai, one of the ten famous mountains in the motherland, hovering on the top of Mount Tai. The dandelion brother said, "I heard that this is the famous Mount Tai in our country." Sister Li Xie replied: "Yes, this The magnificent mountain was selected by our country by careful selection. It is not the highest mountain in China. "

They flew in the autumn wind and fluttered to Jiuzhaigou, a fairy-tale world full of dreams and poetry in the west of China, and saw many beautiful, wonderful and crystal clear "Haizi" (the local Tibetans have not seen the sea, so Knowing how wide the sea is, these lakes are called the sons of the sea, so the lakes are called Haizi), there are "Tiger Seas" that are blue like the sea, "Panda Seas" that are white and cute, and Huang De Like Pear's "Sea of ​​Sparks", here is indeed poetic and artistic, refreshing and fascinating. Dandelion ’s younger brother looked at this most beautiful paradise for mankind by nature for a long time, and finally spoke, saying, “Does Haizi freeze in winter?” Sister Li Xie said, “Because of the cold weather in winter, and here is On the plateau, the surface of Haizi will freeze. No matter what, the water here always flows to the mother river, the Yangtze River.

They fluttered again and again, saw many places of interest and monuments, floated to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing, and saw many magnificent ancient buildings ...

They: This beautiful environment is created by nature's selfless gift and people little by little. I really hope that human beings will no longer want to destroy it, so that children and grandchildren can always live in this beautiful environment.

Very beautiful Jiuzhaigou

This winter vacation, I had the honor to come to the famous Jiuzhaigou. There, I was conquered by the magical landscape of nature.

Colorful Pool

I walked along the tree-lined path. Before long, my eyes lit up: a colorful lake hiding in the lush green hills appeared in front of me. This is the colorful pool. It's colorful, but no, looking at it, orange, green, rose red, grape purple are rippling on the lake ... and there are many colors that are unclear and unknown. The various colors are connected so naturally, as if they were a color pigment carefully blended by an immortal artist, which just blends together. Despite the many colors, the pool water is not turbid, but makes people feel clearer and clearer.

Peacock Sea

I walked out of the jungle and came to Peacock Sea. The reason why it is the sea here may be its "broad" meaning. The Peacock Sea is a blue world, but it is not a single blue. Surrounded by green hills, its blue color changes depending on the depth of the water and the quality of the water. Look, there are sky blue, light blue, peacock blue, dark blue, bright blue and dazzling blue ... It seems that all the blue in the world is gathered. This tranquil, pure blue water seems to divide the Peacock Sea into several parts, like a beautifully crafted blue satin.

Pearl Beach

If Wucai Pool and Peacock Sea embody static beauty, then Pearl Beach has flowing beauty. I walked down the bridge to this rare beach. Ah, so magnificent! More than a dozen waterfalls rushed out from the rugged mountains and cliffs, and ran tirelessly, as if countless crystal clear pearls rolled down. Look, some of them are as thin as silver snakes, so delicate and light, they are jumping among mountains and rocks; some are as big as dragons, dancing wildly, whistling, flying beads splashing jade, rolling in, crossing the bridge, and crazy Roared and ran down the mountain.

After a few days of playing, I deeply experience the unique beauty that nature gives Jiuzhaigou. In Jiuzhaigou, there is no hustle and vulgarity in the market. Here, people are one with nature, only to feel that they wander, happily, and play in the embrace of nature ...

Monday, December 2, 2019 December 02, 2019

Break Up With Winter In February And Go ToThe Southern HemisphereTo See The Flowers Bloom

For us in the Northern Hemisphere in December, everything is withering and the weather is getting cold, but New Zealand on the other side of the earth is sunny and blooming into the sea.

New Zealand, located in the southwestern Pacific Ocean, is composed of two islands, the South Island and the North Island, separated by the Cook Strait. The South Island is adjacent to Antarctica. The North Island faces Fiji and Tonga. Located on the North Island.

In the tourism industry, New Zealand has a long-standing reputation. It is the most beautiful country in Oceania and one of the 10 purest green countries in the world. About 30% of the country's land is protected, with 3 world heritage sites, 14 national parks, and 3 The marine park, hundreds of nature reserves and ecological zones have been named the first place in the "World's Best Destination" for 4 consecutive years.

Church of the Good Shepherd

On the shore of Lake Tekapo, there is a beautiful stone church, which is the Church of the Good Shepherd.

The church is named after a sculpture of a shepherd dog. The reason why this strange name is given is a tribute to the shepherds who helped to open up farmland in the past. It is very memorable.

Looking out from the window of the church altar, the window seemed to be a picture frame. The white clouds slowly drifted in the blue sky. There were rolling snow mountains in the distance, and milky blue lakes in the distance. Dream.

Around the Church of the Good Shepherd in the evening, there will always be many people quietly waiting for the night to fall, because the bright galaxy is about to appear here.

You only need to look up to see the quiet and bright starry sky, the Milky Way and the constellations are clearly visible, and the Southern Cross, which is legendary to be observed only in the southern hemisphere.

For such a beautiful night sky, the Tekapo people have made great efforts. Since 1981, they have reduced the use of lights, scientifically managed the lighting, reduced the glare and night sky lights, and turned off the sightseeing and advertising lights after midnight to turn the night After darkness is left to nature.

Hobbit village
Hobbiton Movie Set

This is where the film The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit were filmed. Entering here seems to enter the primitive rural countryside. The Hobbit's tools, clothes, and vegetables are all scenes from the movie. Hobbiton has 44 Hobbit caves, and the front of each cottage is covered with green grass and flowers, and the hilltop overlooks the Shire village, like in a fairytale world.

Waitomo Firefly Cave

Waitomo in Māori means green water, but it really does. The fireflies living here spit out a grain of sticky silk like beads, and the green light dots layered on the wall of the cave layered like stars. Boating in the firefly cave, the dark water reflecting the green light and shadow on the cave makes people feel as if they are walking in a wonderful world belonging to the green elves.