Beautiful sea

Little boy, do you know what the sea looks like? The sea is the place I want to go most. The sea is also a world beyond sight. It has strange scenery and rich products.

There are many creatures in the sea, such as sea cucumber, cod, eel, big shark, big octopus, crayfish, and clownfish. It contains all things, absorbs hundreds of rivers, and is a magical and beautiful world.

This desire to go to the seaside came true during last summer vacation. My dad and mom were not far from the beach and found a small hotel to live in. My father and I went to the beach to play after lunch at the hotel.

When my dad and mom came to the beach, I saw many, various shells on the beach. Some are like ice cream, some are like fans, some are like mangoes, some are like love, and some are like snail shells. The big one looks like a fan, the small one looks like a button. The colors of these shells are white as snow, some red like flames, some blue like gems, and some green emeralds. They are really gorgeous and colorful.

There are many types of shells, including tiger snail shells, white jade shells, luminous shell shells, snail shells, pearl shell shells, horseshoe shell shells, phoenix shell shells, sea snails, etc ...

There are also beautiful jellyfish in the ocean. The shapes and colors of jellyfish are various. Their shapes are like transparent parachutes.

After playing on the beach for a long time, because it was too late, I reluctantly returned to the hotel with my father and mother. However, this scene remains in my heart forever.

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