Dallan Tour

"Whoo--" The wind rang through my ears, and all kinds of beautiful scenery were flashing through the window. My father and I are driving on the way to Dalan.

I learned from my dad that Dalan is a picturesque tourist resort with beautiful scenery. This made me even more eager to see Dalan. I was on the Panshan Highway, and the fragrance of nature made me feel refreshed.

The mountains are intertwined and set off against each other. The beauty of the mountains also kept coming to me like a tide. A bamboo forest surrounds the road, and from time to time, the song of birds comes from the bamboo forest. We continued to move forward through the woods. The figure of the lake appeared in front of me. The lake was flat as a mirror. The islands in the lake were lush with trees. A small stream of smoke was rising from the lakeside cottage.

Entering Dalan, the scenery is better than before. The cold clear water cascaded down from the cliffs behind, and splashed with beautiful water, flowing into the mountains. We explored inward along the creek, the lizard walked past us kindly, and we greeted him warmly, but it swept water onto our pants like a prank.

We continued to walk in with good mood to Dalan Village. The villagers were very simple and friendly. They greeted us warmly and invited us to taste their specialties.

Today is a fulfilling and happy day, because I have abandoned all my troubles and become one with nature.

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