Fallen leaves travel notes

A breeze came, and a leaf on the tree fluttered in the sky, floating, and the dandelion's younger brother also fluttered in the air. When he saw the fallen leaves, he asked, "Hey, this is the younger dandelion younger brother, where are you going?" Brother Dandelion said, "Oh, my sister, like Ye Zi, traveled while the wind was blowing." Sister Li Xie said, "Okay, let's travel around the country together!"

They fluttered and floated to Mount Tai, one of the ten famous mountains in the motherland, hovering on the top of Mount Tai. The dandelion brother said, "I heard that this is the famous Mount Tai in our country." Sister Li Xie replied: "Yes, this The magnificent mountain was selected by our country by careful selection. It is not the highest mountain in China. "

They flew in the autumn wind and fluttered to Jiuzhaigou, a fairy-tale world full of dreams and poetry in the west of China, and saw many beautiful, wonderful and crystal clear "Haizi" (the local Tibetans have not seen the sea, so Knowing how wide the sea is, these lakes are called the sons of the sea, so the lakes are called Haizi), there are "Tiger Seas" that are blue like the sea, "Panda Seas" that are white and cute, and Huang De Like Pear's "Sea of ​​Sparks", here is indeed poetic and artistic, refreshing and fascinating. Dandelion ’s younger brother looked at this most beautiful paradise for mankind by nature for a long time, and finally spoke, saying, “Does Haizi freeze in winter?” Sister Li Xie said, “Because of the cold weather in winter, and here is On the plateau, the surface of Haizi will freeze. No matter what, the water here always flows to the mother river, the Yangtze River.

They fluttered again and again, saw many places of interest and monuments, floated to Tiananmen Square and the Forbidden City in Beijing, and saw many magnificent ancient buildings ...

They: This beautiful environment is created by nature's selfless gift and people little by little. I really hope that human beings will no longer want to destroy it, so that children and grandchildren can always live in this beautiful environment.

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