The first one is the swimming pool of the Cambrian Hotel in Switzerland. This swimming pool is a hot spring. Here you can see the snow-capped Alps and the green coniferous forest unfolding in front of you, breathing fresh air filled with negative ions.
Soak in the hot springs in this pool, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the Alps 360 degrees without dead ends, are you excited?

The second is: "Nimo 33" swimming pool designed by Belgian designers. This swimming pool is the deepest indoor pool on the planet. The depth of the swimming pool is 33 meters, and 2.5 million liters of warm water is stored, and the temperature is generally maintained at 33 degrees.
The swimming pool took 7 years to complete, and its opening to the outside world has attracted many tourists who love diving to experience the thrill of diving.

The third is: the swimming pool in the Bali Hanging Garden. In this swimming pool, you can admire the most beautiful jungles and mysterious temples in Bali.
This swimming pool is the world's top infinity pool, surrounded by layers of tropical plants, lying here to enjoy the beauty of nature.

The fourth is: the swimming pool of the Garden at the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore. This pool looks like it is floating in the air without borders.
The swimming pool is 200 meters high and the visual effects are stunning. Want to experience it?

The fifth is the swimming pool of Caruso Hotel in Italy. This hotel is close to a cliff and has an altitude of more than 1,000 meters.
In this swimming pool you can feel the spectacular views of the beautiful Amalfi Coast and the mountains.