This Is The Life I Long For: A Lover, A Pair Of Children, A House, Mountains As Partners,Flowers As Friends

A lover, a pair of children, a house, the mountains as partners, the flowers as friends. Sippo from Japan didn't expect that he could really achieve a "slow" life.

Before that, Sippo and her husband were executives in their respective companies, and they were full of work every day. Even when I returned home, there was a tense atmosphere, and there was very little company for my children. Even the son began to become reticent, and the couple realized that they only care about work
But forgot to accompany.

The couple decided to change their current lifestyle. Mom resigned and became a freelancer. Dad adjusted the work content to allow more time to accompany the child.

The whole home is made of wood, with warm logs. It seems that it surrounds everything and can cure it all. For children, here is not only a beautiful scenery, but also an encyclopedia with zero distance from nature.

It turns out that life really needs to be managed with heart. You hug it hard. It will definitely give you the best feedback. If you want to live, just try to run towards it. Because every step you take.Are the most firm foundations in the future!

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