Travel In China:If You Hate The Bitter Cold Of The Winter, You Might As Well Head South To Search For The Winter

How many winters can there be in a lifetime? Anyway, there should be a winter left to Sanya. Even in December, the average temperature is up to 25 ° C, which is a great place for health in winter.

Step on the white sandy beach of Yalong Bay and feel the temptation of 22 ℃ seawater.

When you are tired, lie on a beach chair and drink a cup of coconut juice, quietly blowing the wind, basking in the sun, listening to the sound of the waves, and satisfying all your imaginations about vacation.

If you want to find a blue in the warm summer in the cold December, and feel the romance of the wind and snow, then Dali is your best choice.

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets, original fishing villages, colorful roads, and warm sunlight are the Dali of winter.

Riding a bicycle, or renting an electric car, driving a car, slowly along the Huanhai Road all the way, on a sunny day and the beauty of Cangshan Erhai, an unexpected encounter.

"Jilin's fog is strange in the world," and Jilin's most beautiful fog is on Wuluo Island.

The white mist is matched with the pale blue sky, and this pure picture is like the fairy tale world in winter.

The misty island in winter is almost foggy every day, and sometimes it does not fall for several days.

The willows have silver flowers, and the pine trees have silvery chrysanthemums. The dreamlike white world is not as beautiful as the world in the beauty of sunrise and sunset.

As soon as the snow, the Forbidden City became beautiful.

Hundred years of change, the four seasons change, the Forbidden City has countless looks, but only the crystal snowflake has the magic that allows it to travel through ancient and modern times and dream of the Forbidden City.

A snow detained Zhumen, stained the glazed glass, approached the lake and stone, and powered Komatsu. The heavens and earth white, the palace walls red, Zhu Hong, and Ming Huang all turned into streamers.

The red-walled tile, the eaves and the eaves are angled, and then covered with snow, it is quiet and serene, with a long grace.

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