Very beautiful Jiuzhaigou

This winter vacation, I had the honor to come to the famous Jiuzhaigou. There, I was conquered by the magical landscape of nature.

Colorful Pool

I walked along the tree-lined path. Before long, my eyes lit up: a colorful lake hiding in the lush green hills appeared in front of me. This is the colorful pool. It's colorful, but no, looking at it, orange, green, rose red, grape purple are rippling on the lake ... and there are many colors that are unclear and unknown. The various colors are connected so naturally, as if they were a color pigment carefully blended by an immortal artist, which just blends together. Despite the many colors, the pool water is not turbid, but makes people feel clearer and clearer.

Peacock Sea

I walked out of the jungle and came to Peacock Sea. The reason why it is the sea here may be its "broad" meaning. The Peacock Sea is a blue world, but it is not a single blue. Surrounded by green hills, its blue color changes depending on the depth of the water and the quality of the water. Look, there are sky blue, light blue, peacock blue, dark blue, bright blue and dazzling blue ... It seems that all the blue in the world is gathered. This tranquil, pure blue water seems to divide the Peacock Sea into several parts, like a beautifully crafted blue satin.

Pearl Beach

If Wucai Pool and Peacock Sea embody static beauty, then Pearl Beach has flowing beauty. I walked down the bridge to this rare beach. Ah, so magnificent! More than a dozen waterfalls rushed out from the rugged mountains and cliffs, and ran tirelessly, as if countless crystal clear pearls rolled down. Look, some of them are as thin as silver snakes, so delicate and light, they are jumping among mountains and rocks; some are as big as dragons, dancing wildly, whistling, flying beads splashing jade, rolling in, crossing the bridge, and crazy Roared and ran down the mountain.

After a few days of playing, I deeply experience the unique beauty that nature gives Jiuzhaigou. In Jiuzhaigou, there is no hustle and vulgarity in the market. Here, people are one with nature, only to feel that they wander, happily, and play in the embrace of nature ...

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