What Happened To The Couple Who Resigned To Travel Around The World In A Van?

Traveling around the world is a thing longed for. Of course, this is not an easy task, and they have just taken a step back and bravely. Elise and her husband Domenic, six years ago, were also a couple repeating the boring life of nine to five every day.

Elise is an ordinary company employee, and Domenic is a sales company for a wine company, but they are busy at work and often separate the two places. This makes them who love to travel feel more and more stressed.

So the two of them looked at the self-driving tour, and the two of them saved a pink van in the second-hand market. They hope to continue to drive it around the world. Take it to adventure, take it to experience many, many journeys.

They no longer push themselves tight at work, but regularly take time to see the world. In the end they really abandoned that damn job because travel is really addictive.
Starting from Byron Bay, the two headed northward, planning to travel throughout Australia for a year.

I used to repeat the same life every day, I did n’t know the sunset was so beautiful

I don't know if spring is blooming in spring, there is a sweet smell in the air.

I don't know that the forests have different greens.
Without knowing the world of fish, there are also unthinkable joys.

I don't know that movies in nature look better than cinemas.

In this way, the four seasons cycle.

Elise and Domenic were frequently asked about the wine they inadvertently drank during the trip, so Domenic, who was originally a professional, saw business opportunities. He visited many wineries to study and visit. A year later, he started his own wine company and the business was booming.

There are always people in this world who live a life you admire, but in fact you are no worse than them. Even if you can't give up everything now, no matter how busy your work is, don't get stuck in the footsteps of watching the world.

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