Are you doing your tattoo care the right way?

The most timeless thing in this world is not diamonds, much less love, but tattoos. However, all good things have a life cycle ~ when you first get a tattoo, you look like a young you. As time goes on, it may not be as shiny as it was at first.
Are you doing your tattoo care the right way?

Are you doing your tattoo care the right way?

  First of all, you can't take a dip or swim after you've just tied up, and God knows how many wow-factors there are in the pool.

  By the way, a very serious reminder to northerners: don't take a bath after a tattoo! Don't rub it! Don't!

  During the recovery period of 1-3 days, the wound is in an unhealed state and the tissue fluid will bring out part of the epidermis as it oozes out.

  This is normal and does not affect the pattern. If, after a few months, the pattern keeps getting lighter and lighter, then consider finding a good shop, a good master, and replenishing the color pattern once more.

  When this happens, either the tattoo artist has a technical problem or you ''hit the jackpot''. A little repair cream is still necessary. Dissipates swelling, stops itching, and really works in one step!

  When an enthusiast was recovering, the scabs were thick and the skin was particularly dry, and the pattern looked ugly and uneven, but he said ''Forget it, that's it...''

  The result was, predictably, ruined and had to be covered up. The fairies take care of the face, thousands of fairy water are willing to buy, what to stay up late at night, with the most expensive eye cream, maintenance of tattoos, but always indifferent mentality ...

  The most important thing is that you have to be able to get a lot of skin care from your tattoos, so that you can get a little moisturizer. Because everyone's bodily functions are different, seafood drinking is optional for you ~ don't argue, you can be as happy as you like ~ some people don't react, some people are itchy, some people are worried, in short, the advice is not to touch seafood drinking for a few days before and after the tattoo.

  Try to avoid tattoos on your fingers and other areas that rub against the outside world, it's really, really easy to become a black cloud...

  Also, there is the question of whether a tattoo on the stomach will be deformed after pregnancy... I've never experienced this question before, I really don't think so.

  Finally, avoid exposing the tattooed skin to UV rays for long periods of time. Although ultraviolet radiation and photosynthesis with people can sterilize, and may also make up for calcium growth? But it can also break down the ink of the tattoo, causing it to fade.
  As the years go by, tattoos are the best witness to accompany your growth. Remember to take extra care of your partner ~ after all, tattoos take a lifetime to maintain!


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