Neymar's new tattoo is a Champions League trophy with amazing meaning

Beijing time, February 11, next week, the Champions League knockout round of 16 is about to begin and Neymar has chosen to approach such a tournament in a special way. On his own lap, Neymar has a new tattoo, patterned after a Champions League trophy.
  Renowned tattoo expert Adao Rosa uploaded Neymar's new tattoo on his personal INS page, which is a Champions League trophy on the Brazilian player's leg, while it also reads 06.06.15, and it represents the day of the 2015 Champions League final, on which Neymar followed Barca to his first career Champions League trophy.

  On personal INS, tattoo expert Adao Rosa also wrote, "The 2015 Champions League trophy also became his tattoo, and soon the World Cup will have it too." The tattoo specialist and Neymar are reportedly close friends, and judging by his words, Neymar still has no small ambition for this summer's World Cup in Russia.

  While Neymar's new tattoo may also mean that the Brazilian star misses his Barca career, it's more likely to be a memorial. Because after leading Brazil to the gold medal at the Rio Olympics, Neymar had the English lettering and five rings tattooed on his left arm.

With the current Champions League knockout stages between Paris and Real Madrid looming, Neymar's move is perhaps more likely to be his declaration, with the Brazilian certainly still hoping to get his hands on the Big Ears Cup.

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