Notes on Pre and Post Tattoo

A lot of my little buddies have been asking me lately what to look out for before and after getting a tattoo, and here's my answer. Personal insights, additions are welcome where they are not!
Notes on Pre and Post Tattoo

1, the night before the tattoo to have an adequate sleep, keep a good mental state before the tattoo.

2、Don't drink alcohol or take drugs. Speeding up blood circulation can easily lead to excessive bleeding during the tattooing process, which can affect the effect of the tattoo and the length of recovery time.

3, if you have not eaten for a long time, you must eat before the tattoo, avoiding an empty stomach. Tattooing for too long and on an empty stomach tends to lead to low blood sugar, which can aggravate painful feelings.

4, to tattoo the area do not have damage, broken, or sun exposure. The above can easily lead to excessive skin lesions.

5, try to wear loose clothing that can expose the tattoo area.

It is even more important to pay attention to things after the tattoo, if the protection is not good can directly affect the effect of the tattoo.

1, two to three hours after the completion of the tattoo, remove the plastic wrap, wash the tattoo area with warm water, then dry with a hygienic towel, keep dry and wash daily. Shower only, no soaking.

2, do not apply any ointment other than tattoo ointment, so as not to cause discoloration and destroy the overall beauty.

3, in the tattoo area has not been healed before, not swimming, sauna, sunbathing, the sea.

4, three to five days show scabs, peeling, itching are normal phenomenon, do not pick and scratch, such as scabs fall off naturally.

5, if tattooed in the joints or easily stretched parts, scabs should pay attention to the action should not be too large, to avoid cracking the scab, affecting the beauty of the future.

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