The easiest way to judge the quality of a tattoo is here

Most enthusiasts seem to judge tattoos by their first visual aesthetic. But everyone's aesthetic is not on the same level, and art cannot be summed up by a single aesthetic.
The easiest way to judge the quality of a tattoo is here

  First of all, let's take a chestnut ~ recently a girl named Helena Fernandes is quite hot, she calls herself a tattoo artist (anyway, I don't admit she is), how far is the fire? The people who look for her tattoos every day are simply overwhelmed.

  Do you think her work is super awesome! Don't worry, check it out.

  I do respect everyone, unless I can't help it! Really, is it just that I'm not a good reader? Or do I really know nothing about art? She herself admits to not being much of a painter, so.... Is that a kind of freestyle? Is it me who can't lift the knife? Or are you an artist who's starting to float?

  But really, aren't you worried about ruining the skin? I can't even find a smooth line, which god can tell me, what style of tattoo is this? A good tattoo work, starting with the composition, full of structure, reasonable proportions.

  An experienced tattoo artist will design the perfect pattern based on the style you want, as well as the location. The most intuitive thing to judge are the lines, whether they are smooth or not, and whether they are hazy. I'm impressed that I can tattoo a 1cm straight line into a half circle! And the halo color is related to the depth and angle of the needle into the skin.

  The fogging of the black and grey pattern is really important! The fog is clean and even, visualizing the layering of the pattern. If you don't care, let's make a comparison and feel this hot-eyed image for yourself~ For colored tattoos, color matching and color transition is the most critical.

  Finally, there's the extent of the skin damage. The tattooing process itself has varying degrees of lesions, which are strictly reduced by experienced tattooists, and the scabs that knot during tattoo recovery are particularly thin.

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