What happened to the American police officer who twice asked to be tested and was denied death from the epidemic? U.S. police officer's request to test why denied

A California police detective eventually died of complications from new coronary pneumonia after being denied a new coronary virus test by doctors on 2 occasions, according to FoxNews.com on the 12th.

The report cited a source in the Santa Rosa, California, Press Democrat as saying that the detective named Marylou Armer, 43, tested positive for the new crown virus on March 23.

But "it was too late," said her sister Mary Liu.

Liu said the local medical center told her sister that she was not considered susceptible to the virus, given Amer's age and the absence of the underlying disease.

Although Amer was eventually tested for the virus, accompanied by her husband, she died on March 31.

Local medical authorities also told The Press Democrat on the 11th that Amer was not immediately tested. But sources said Amer's doctors have been following public health department testing guidelines, which are based on very limited test availability.

Liu told reporters that Amer had previously been "very frustrated" by his inability to undergo testing. And at the time, medical facilities across the United States were begging the federal government to give them more testing tools to better track the spread of the virus.

Reports say that Amer initially thought she had the flu, and after a few days, her fever and physical pain symptoms diminished, but she still had some difficulty breathing. "She said she had never felt this way before," said Liu.

Reports say Amer was the first sheriff in California to die of new crown pneumonia.

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