What is the meaning of the crayfish tattoo pattern?

Among the many tattoo patterns, there is always a part of the tattoo material that originates from the ancient myths and legends of our country. In particular, tattoos of divine beasts, such as the Qilin, such as brave troops, such as the dragon, these categories of tattoos always have very good auspicious symbols, so people love. Today I'm going to give you an introduction to what the meaning of a crayfish tattoo is.
What is the meaning of the crayfish tattoo pattern

Crayfish, perhaps a term that is relatively unknown to most people. The reef fish is also an ancient mythical animal in China, so what are the legends of the reef fish? Legend has it that the crayfish was originally a golden or silver carp that wanted to cross the dragon gate and fly into the sky to become a dragon, but it accidentally swallowed a dragon ball in the sea and could not fully transform into a dragon, so it had to turn into a dragon fish and spend all day playing in the sea. The name of the crayfish is also derived from this.
What is the meaning of the crayfish tattoo pattern

Although the osprey did not turn into a dragon in the end, but it made an effort, so the osprey tattoo implies that the goal must be to work hard in order to have the hope of success, if the mere thought of not doing it is false, do it and will not regret.

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